Monday, January 14, 2013

Photos of a beautiful woman

Amy Mvlynz actresses, models, athletes with disabilities. Were expected to never walk, but at the age of two and learned to walk with prosthetic legs at age 17, he received a scholarship to Georgetown University in Washington.

Where he became interested in the sport and in 1996/1375, 2 world records failing the Atlanta Paralympic Games. He talks about the impact of technology change society for people with disabilities speak

What I can not do with your feet?

I also like Oscar Pystvryvs, hero of two, and I was born without legs from the knees down Naqsnd Coy bone.

We have 12 pairs of artificial legs. Chita my legs and they are very useful for running, biking or swimming I use.

I am using the RoboCup legs are assimilators shock and spring. I have four pairs of decorative legs are made of silicone and Shbyhand incredible human foot, the vessels, hair follicles and tendons.

They are made for different heights of heels. If after a month back home in Italy or Paris, just a suitcase full of my feet like the feet of different outfits for different occasions, different need.

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